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Midway Airport Rates | Wheaton Taxi Dispatch

Effective immediately the following surcharges are in effect:

  • All Orders : Gasoline Surcharge : $5
  • Airport Dropoffs between 12AM-4AM  $10
  • Pickups at Midway Airport between 5PM-6AM  $10
  • Pickups at O'Hare Airport 6PM-9PM  $5
  • Pickups at O'Hare Airport 9PM-6AM  $10
  • $10 extra for all dropoffs and pickups is in effect for the following dates 03/16/22 through 04/07/22

Wheaton to Midway Airport Flat Rates :

Wheaton, IL (South of Roosevelt Rd):$59 to Midway airport.  Includes 2 passengers. Tolls  included

Wheaton, IL (North of Roosevelt Rd):$63 to Midway airport.  Includes 2 passengers. Tolls included


If you need a minivan to accommodate 3 to 5 passengers or if you need more room for luggage, please note that minivans cost an extra $15. Full Size vehicles that can fit up to passengers are an extra $10

A Fuel surcharge is only in effect when the price of Gasoline is higher than $3.75/gal. A $1 fuel surcharge is charged when gasoline is more than $3.75/gal and a  a $2 fuel surcharge is in effect when gasoline is more than $4.25/gal in the Greater Chicago area.

No extra charge for reasonable luggage, airport taxes ( trips to O'Hare ) or any extra for different times of the day 

We also accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.


Midway Airport to Wheaton Flat Rates :

Midway Airport to Wheaton, IL (South of Roosevelt Rd): $61 Includes 2 passengers. Tolls and Airport Tax included

Midway Airport to Wheaton, IL (North of Roosevelt Rd): $65 Includes 2 passengers. Tolls and Airport Tax included



For Pickups at Midway Airport

Please make a reservation in advance. Give us your flight number, airline and a cell phone number. We'll monitor the flight for you and will be waiting for you at Midway airport. Once you collect luggage, let us know that you are ready for pickup by calling 630-344-9599 and we'll direct you to the terminal door to meet our driver at. It takes about 10-15 minutes for our driver to pick you up.